Is your Business Corona-Proof?

Is your Business Corona-Proof?


75% of Small Businesses say that COVID-19 has already impacted their sales….

And, the situation doesn’t seem promising as the…

Businesses around the world continue suffering…

Now is the time to get out there!


Now is the time to take your business to your customers… from your home to their home!

Now is the time to save costs and invest your time and money where it matters the most!


For this, you need a Strong & Efficient Online Presence

For this, you need Smart & Efficient Solutions….

This is where we come in…


Starlink Development brings the perfect solution to help you and your business… seize the opportunity.

Let us Automate your Business and Give you the Web Presence that you need to Survive and Excel

We work…

For every business, for every budget, for every deadline


Custom Software Development

From desktop and mobile apps to cloud solutions – Our engineering and UX team will create software programs tailor-made for your business.

Our goal is to help you – Automate simple tasks, solve complex problems and form sustainable solutions for your business.

We will design software or system – that will help you meet the challenges of running a business in the world with COVID-19.


Custom Website Development

Do you have a website that will help your target customers reach you?

Is your website up-to-date and ready for COVID-19?

If not, let Starlink Development bring the solution to you.

We will develop a custom website to help reach your market.

From website content to Search Engine Optimization…From complex website development to helpful website applications…we will make sure your customers get the best online experience.


Make Your Business COVID-19 Proof

Let our Custom IT Solutions help your business thrive…

Contact Starlink Development now…and Give your Business a Digital Makeover

When People are Staying Home, Take your Business to them


We Are Already Helping Businesses On The Following Projects


Custom ERP System
We are digitalizing a business by offering an ERP system that will help not only control their stock levels but also automate their daily work challenges. Also, allow them to control their customers from sales to analysis point.

Custom Made Marketplace
Developing a marketplace similar to Etsy will allow a business owner to share commissions with other sellers as well as to provide advance subscription plans which will increase the site’s productivity and engagement.

E-Commerce Store & Starlink Adapter
Developing an e-commerce store combined with a custom made Starlink adapter that will be connected with Jumis Pro ERP to allow secure information transfer between three different components achieving maximal distributed zero-point failure model.

Custom Made Hardware for moto industry
Developing custom made hardware that will digitize the entire off-road moto industry by digitizing engine. It will allow drivers to easily track bike health and maintenance work when it’s due.


How We Can Help You


✔ We will automate your manual work to help save your time and costs also known as resources

✔ No workers that can work? No problem! We can create a system that will work for you

✔ People can’t find your business online? We will digitalize your business and bring your business online

✔ Your system needs monitoring & maintenance? With our IoT solutions we will bring your physical system online

✔ You want to showcase your service or products? We will create a system that will sell well and also automate each process, so you can focus more on your business

✔ There is more.. contact us.. and get free consulation

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